The DIY-Thermocam is a do-it-yourself infrared camerabased on the brand-new FLIR Lepton sensor. Starting at a price of only 499€ for the kit, the device is the cheapest standalone thermal imager on the market with comparable specifications!
The aim of this project is to give private personseducational institutes and companies access to a portable,  affordable and customizable thermal imaging plattform.
There are various applications like finding heat leaks in the insulation of buildings, the analysis of electrical or mechanical components, the detection of persons / animals or even mounting it on a drone, together with the additional video out module.
Offered as a self-assembly kit with over one-hundred components or pre-assembled & tested, the DIY-Thermocam allows you to take advantage of the versatile possibilities of thermal imaging.
The firmware, the USB protocol, the raw data files and the thermal viewer are completely open-source. This allows everyone to modify or extend the functionality of the device to their own needs!