• Fast ARM Cortex M7 processor (600MHz), based on the popular Teensy 4.1 microcontroller
  • Frame rate of up to 9 FPS (US export compliance)
  • 18 different color schemes including rainbow, ironblack, grayscale, hot & cold
  • 3.2 inch LCD touch display with bright colors, wide angle and resistive touch
  • Save thermal images with a resolution of 640x480 pixels on the device
  • Save real-time videos and interval images with different time-lapse settings
  • Internal storage over microSD card, accessible as a Mass Storage device on any PC via USB
  • 2000 mAh lithium polymer battery for long operation time (4-6 hours)
  • Open-source firmware written in Arduino compatible C/C++ code
  • Regular firmware updates with new features, flashable over a cross-OS firmware updater
  • Standalone thermal viewer application to save high-quality thermal images & videos on the computer
  • Fully compatible to the comprehensive thermal analysis software ThermoVision by Joe-C
  • Use simple commands to receive all thermal & configuration data over the USB serial port with high speed
FeatureDIY-Thermocam V3FLIR E6
Thermal resolution 80x60 (Lepton2.5) or 160x120 (Lepton3.5) 160x120
Thermal sensitivity < 0.05° C (50 mK) < 0.06° C (60 mK)
Thermal temp. range -10°C - +140°C or -10°C - +450°C -20°C to 250°C
Field-of-view (FOV) 56 deg HFOV, 71 deg diagonal 45 deg × 34 deg
Display 3.2" 320x240 , touch input 3.0" 320x240, no touch input
Temp. measurement mode every position, multiple positions spot (center) mode
Color schemes 18 different color schemes rainbow, iron, grayscale
Storage mode picture and video picture only
Storage capacity Internal storage over microSD card 500 sets of images
File format standard BMP and raw data standard JPEG and raw data
Weight 255g 575g