ThermoVision Software

ThermoVision is a powerful desktop software to view, modify and convert raw images created on the DIY-Thermocam V3. The image browser can show all images inside a folder, you can edit them in various ways and export the outputs to an image file. The is provided by a third party author, you can get more information about its capabilities on the authors site. To get started, launch the application and drag-and-drop any Thermocam Raw file into the main windows to edit it.

Download Latest Version (Windows only)

Thermal Live Viewer

The standalone Thermal Live Viewer application allows you to capture HQ thermal images and videos right on the computer. Various settings can be changed over the UI. You need to make sure that your Thermocam is listed under COM10, see this guide how to change it.

Download Latest Version (Windows only)

Thermal Data Viewer

The Thermal Data Viewer is next to the ThermoVision software another possibility to view, edit and convert raw data files on your PC. It allows various functions to alter the thermal range, add measurement points as well as various filters. The program is also capable of converting whole folders of raw data frames into images (JPG, BMP or PNG) or avi videos.

Download Latest Version (Windows only)

Firmware Updater

The firmware updater allows you to flash the newest version of the firmware on any operating system.

Download Latest Version (Windows, Linux & Mac OSX)

Video Converter

The DIY-Thermocam allows to capture continous or time-lapse videos on the device, but they are still recorded as single frames and not merged into a single video (due to the limitatations of the microcontroller concerning modern video codecs). You can use the Video Converter to convert any number of frames from your internal storage into a movie file.

Download Latest Version (Windows only)